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This is a photographic reproduction from a copy of the Mesnevi made 5 years after the
passing away of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. It was copied by Mohammed the son of Konyali
Abdullah and completed by November 1278 AD.

It is stated that it was copied from the original written in the presence of Celebi Husamuddin,
(Mevlana's successor) and Sultan Veled (Mevlana's son and later successor).                  

Abdulbakr Gopinlari emphasises, in the
Turkish Ministry of Culture computer aided
photographic copy of the book reproduced here, that this is
'the only version copied from the
drafts of the Masnavi recited by Mevlana after the first eighteen couplets and written by
Celebi Husamuddin, then read to Mevlana for corrections. Mr R. A. Nicholson used this
original copy (numbered 51 in the Konya archives) for his corrected translation of the
35 - 54
55 - 77
Index of couplets in Masnevi