A Fatiha was held on Saturday 18th January 2003 in his home at Sudbury,
near London to commemorate the passing of Hazrat Ijalal Siddiqi Saheb.

There was a visit to the grave where fatiha was said and later there was fatiha and langar at Ijlal's house hosted
by his widow and family. Amongst others attending were Jamil, Hasan Bhai, Nusrat, and Obaidah Kazmi.

The Passing of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi Saheb

On Monday evening of the 28th January I accompanied Nazu, her children, Farhana and other relatives to St.
Mary's hospital in Paddington, London.

Ijlal, we knew, was undergoing a serious operation on his heart. Though the surgeon had started operating at
1.00 pm, on arrival after 5 pm we found that there was still no news. We sat in a small waiting room - hoping that
he would again recover as he has done in the past from similair operations. Gradually others arrived and by 8 pm
we filled the waiting room and people were lining the corridor. We were told that the operation had been finished
but the medical staff were waiting for Ijlal's heart to be strong enough to function without support machines.
Around 9.00 pm they wheeled him into the ward - our hopes rose, but moments later were dashed as the surgeon
came into the waiting room and told us that, though Ijlal had survived the operation, there was no hope of him
making recovery.

We went in to see him and of course he was not conscious, but strangely peaceful. We each spoke to him our
farewells and returned to the waiting room as others took their turn.

At 9.28 pm he was declared dead.

By this time large numbers of people had gathered and I am sure you don't require me to tell you of the strong
out flowing of emotions. When the various medical apparatus had been removed and Ijlal dressed in a white robe,
we were again able to visit him - there was a look of immense serenity on his now lifeless face.

The funeral of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi

The necessary bureaucracy prevented us burying Ijlal the next day (Tuesday) as we had hoped, but this having
been duly completed, the following day, Wednesday 30th January 2002, myself, Hasan Bhai, Royham and
Minhaj, Ijlal's two sons, and one or two friends arrived at the Central Mosque in Slough where we duly assisted in
performing the ritual bathing rites performed on the dead body.

With Minhaj accompanying the hearse, the rest of us made our way back to the house and with many other
friends and family attended at the central Harrow mosque (which some of you will know from the time when
Zahurmian was in the UK) for Zuhr Namaz, and then the special prayers for the deceased. There were many men
present and there was an opportunity too for the ladies to see Ijlal Saheb laid out, looking peaceful and serene. It
would be superfluous to say that there were many expressions grief.

Subsequently a long convoy of cars made its way to the cemetery a few miles away where we finally lay Ijlal
Husain Siddiqi's body into the earth. Qur'anic verses were recited and we said dua at the side of the flower
covered grave and took our leave of a dear friend, a Pir bhai, a supporter and brother, a loving husband and
devoted father and a gentle, good, man.

He was a man to whom many looked for help, guidance and comfort. He was held in deep respect, especially by
the many people who so frequently visited him and to whom he always gave sympathetic ear. He was the
responsive beneficiary of Zahurmian's guidance and of the kind look of many other saints, to whom he was
deeply attached and devoted. I know however that it is not only in Sudbury or in England that he will be missed
but by so many in India and many other countries also, who would have dearly loved to have been able to make
their farewells in person. It is for them that I write this account. There will be Qur'an khudum and Fatiha on Friday
which I hope to be able to attend.

There will be many who will be concerned about Ijlal's widow - Naz, and their children. The boys fulfilled their
duties manfully and many ladies were, and are, there to provide what support they can to Naz, Tehrim and
Tukreem. But in the end our grief is our own. I felt sure of Ijlal's presence, free now from its constraints and able
to bless his near and dear ones. May Allah have mercy on the soul of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi, give relief to those who
grieve, and have mercy on us all. Amin.

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

The Chalisma - the remembrance of the deceased 40 days after his passing away - was held for the soul of our
dear friend Ijlal Husain Siddiqi Saheb in Sudbury, England on Saturday 2nd March 2002. There was Qur'an
reading and recitation of Kalima followed by a meal. Many people attended.

Ijlal's wife, Nazu and the family have received many letters and cards of condolence from near and far - and I
know she was glad to receive so much sympathy and support.   786

A Petition (Iltijah)
The heart had to go, one day - that was sure.
It has reached it appointed destination.
Thanks Huzoor (Nawob Saheb) for coming to my place,
It is a very precious time of great honour,
That you came to my lowly house.
Today I saw the Eid moon, why not trust Eid.
I put up my hands in reverent supplication
To ask that Eid returns, again and again.

Ijlal Hussain Siddiqi
18th January 2002
(translation courtesy of Mrs Farhana Morris)

The original poem (in Urdu) was written on a paper napkin:-

Ijlal Siddiqi passed away on the night of the full moon, 28th January 2002.

A Remembrance of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi (1938 - 2002)

Dear friend, you lived much of your life with a 'hole in the heart',
Now your heart is filled by the grace, of the One,
He, Whom you constantly called upon.
Your company now the saints you loved - revered Khawaja Saheb,
Saeenji Saheb, your dear grandfather Qazi Saheb, Nawob Saheb.
Your hand in the hand of beloved Zahurmian, your guide and friend,
You have gone - but me you have left, with a hole in the heart.

Southampton, February 2002