From time to time people are gracious enough to write kind comments on the website. We have
published some below.

guestbook = Ten thousand thank you's for the Blessing of this web site which nourishes my soul on a
daily basis.  Quan yin

guestbook = What a blessing to have found this site.
Thank you,I should like to become a member. Quan Yin

What a wonderful site! Thank you. Ellis

"Dear friends,

Having discovered your wonderful website I am writing to you........It is refreshing to come across a
website dedicated to the Sufi message of love, peace, and tolerance and the creation of a space
where the oscillation of life's extremes is calmed and the hunger for instant gratification is slowed.
Within this space the depth of human understanding and wisdom can be allowed to flourish and
nurture the human soul longing for universal love and the harmony of our planet. Your mission
statement is a well for the thirsty......"

Christopher Rudkin 20th April 2003

Dear Sir:

Would it be possible to receive the full version of the 99 names and attributes. I have never found a
better explanation as to how we can emulate these attributes in our own lives as the first 33 listed on
your website. I sincerely hope that this will be made available to all people in the future.
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Moh. Jamaludin Sudiana
October 2nd 2002

The following was received from Tony in Australia.

Assalaamu Alaikum. Dear Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri, I pray this finds you well. I have at long last decided
to write to you as I have visited your website very often over the past 18 months and your new site has
been very enlightening. I will not go into too much personal detail at this stage, just to say that the way
of tasawwuf has been within for a long time. So when one reads of people such as yourself who have
been blest to have been in contact with saints such as Hazrat Zuhurul Hasan Sharib one wonders how
those who don't have this blessing ever can come to the straight path. There has been enough said
about the world today and current events and the human being seems to be descending more and
more into the material world and the power of politics to rule over each other. So how does a 60 year
old in rural Australia rise above all this and reach upward. I would like to become a member of your web
site and if it is at all possible to come to know the path of Hazrat Zahurul Hasan Sharib before time will
make it impossible. I was deeply touched by the words of Ijlal Husain Siddiqi prior to his passing. Khuda

The following e-mail was received from Goli Amin Rad an Iranian student who Farhana and I met in
Konya - she has undertaken to provide transliteration of the Mesnevi for the web site - the first page of
which is accessible from the Konya index page.

Oh, I was so sorry to hear that your close friend has passed away. We give our warmest condolences
to you & dear Farhana. Wish his soul would be blessed.
Your website actually was really wonderful. I really enjoyed taking a look on each part of it. I wish these
lines I write, would help all the Mevlana's lovers to to be more joyful reading Masnavi. & thank you so
much for giving me the chance to try.

We received the following kind words from Rebecca in Germany. 08/04/02
Hello out there-

I just came across your homepage and wanted to give a BIG compliment for this great site. I have been
interested in Sufism for a while and so I really relished in reading the stories- especially this story about
the fish and the bait got me "hooked" and I kept thinking about it for a while. I have no idea whether
your offer of giving the "solution" to the story is still valid but I thought I might have a try. .....................I
felt reminded of some poem by Jalaluddin Rumi while reading the story- unfortunately I only read the
German version of it but will try to give some rough English translation: " So much I would love to kiss
you"- "The price for kissing is your life". Now my love runs to my life, saying "oh- what a bargain, let us
get it!"... So much for my quick ref lection on the fish dilemma, smile... But I am curious about how the
story really ends- so if the offer is still valid- I would love to hear all about it.

Greetings from Germany- and thank you so much for a great contribution to the web,
Rebecca Braunert

Below is a comment on the web site received from America (17/10/01)

I am an American. I live near Los Angeles, California. I have been practicing Yoga/Meditation for
several years. I have been "surfing the Web" looking for spiritual wisdom from the Islamic world, in
order to better understand current world events. Like most everyone else, I am deeply troubled by
recent occurrences. I have been looking at your website quite a bit today, and I just want to tell you
how beautiful it is. I am very glad to know that there is great spiritual wisdom in Sufi/Islam, and I hope all
people can make an attempt to better understand each other. God bless.