The Zahuri Sufi Web Site
wishes all members, guests, and visitors
a very happy and prosperous
New Year
for 2003

'Integration' by Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

The above picture is produced on the computer as a New Year card. Its theme is integration.
Integration is a goal to be sought in sufism, on many levels - and a gift to be gratefully treasured. I
have also written a short article exploring it in a little more depth.
Our hope is to be enabled by God's grace to continue the work of Dr Zahurul Hasan
Sharib in the new year. To work towards a better integrated society in which the goal
of 'better living' constantly and consistently inspires us to new efforts and worthwhile
achievements. The achievements of a more equitable and just society that supports
and promotes tolerance, simple living, and high thinking, mutual help, inward peace
and contentment, and above all love - that like daffodils for Wordsworth's 'our heart
with pleasure fills'. Thus we must aim to integrate our inner life and development with
the development of the spiritual life of our surrounding society. As in Leigh's poem
Abu Bin Adhem* - who finding his name not written as one who loves the Lord - asks a
visiting angel to write him 'as one who loves his fellow men'. Having written and
vanished the angel reappears " with a great awakening light", -

"....and showed the names who love of God had blessed,
And Lo, Bin Adhem's name led all the rest."

To do this we must work as a good team does, mutually supporting each other - each
contributing what we have, and being supported when we are in need.

In the year 2003, may we all benefit from the 'pure and integrated souls', known and
unknown, who are a blessing of God to us and the preservers of society.
Jamil Uddin Morris Zahuri

Southampton, December 31st 2002.

* refers to Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adhem a towering Sufi Shekh.