Qur'anic Studies
Worship Your Lord
Rabba-kumullazii khalaqa -kum wallaziina
min-qablikum la- 'allakum tattaquun.

O, Mankind! Worship your Lord, Who hath
created you and those before you, so that
you may be God-fearing.

Sura 2: 21

People, in general, are addressed here.
We are enjoined to worship God and God
alone, and to take no partner with him.
God alone deserves our utmost respect
and reverence with representative
honours. He is our Defender and our
Protector. He is the Sovereign Supreme.
before us and he provides us with all the
amenities and facilities.

Without Tawhid, the unity of God, as our
guiding light, we cannot live in conformity
with the Will of God.

According to Tabari the interpretation of
the last part of the verse is;

' So that you might be God-fearing by
worshipping your Lord Who created you, and by
obeying Him in what He commanded you to do
and in what He forbade you to do, and by
rendering worship only to Him; so that you might
fear lest his displeasure and wrath come down
upon you, and  so that you might be among the
God-fearing with whom their Lord is content.' *
*Abu Ja'far Muhammad B. Jarir Al-Tabari: The
Commentary on the Qur'an; vol. 1; p. 162. See also
Qur'an 2:2, 2:41, and 47:17.