Qur'anic Studies
Speak Kindly to Mankind
Laa ta'-bu-duuna 'illallah wa bil-waali-dayni
'ihsaananw-wa zil-qurbaa wal-yataamaa
wal-masaa-kiini wa quuluu linnaasi husnanw-wa
aqiimus-Salaata wa 'aatuz-Zakaah.

Worship Allah alone, and be good to your parents,
and to near relatives, and to orphans and the needy,
and speak kindly to mankind; and establish prayer
and pay the welfare tax.

Sura 2: 83

The covenant* enjoins the observation of certain
canons of moral and spiritual law, which is the
universal law. It is here enjoined to be kind to parents,
relations and to orphans. Also to pray and give charity

One should be of charitable disposition and meet
people with a broad smile. Outward courtesy is not
enough. What is enjoined here is that people should
be saved from exploitation and deception. They
should not be enticed or duped with things that may


*Sura 2:83 opens with reference to a covenant made with the
Children of Israel.