The Ocean of Belief

In the ocean of belief many are the pearls of              

But there is also the self, drawing breath, in                
                              whirlpools aplenty,

Every oyster is a circle of the eye filled with tears,

And every wave points towards the Beloved's             
                              eyebrow - the symbol of reality.

Hazrat Abu Said bin Ab'il Khair  (from 'Abu Said Ab'il Khair
and his Rubaiyat'
by Dr Z.H. Sharib

When the mystic dives deep within the ocean of  his
own existence even his own breathing seems like a
whirlpool. He may find many 'oysters' (the outer
manifestations, or forms) within which are pearls -
inner spiritual essence. The outer forms are linked to
grief since their form seperates them from their
hidden Essence. The approach to the Essence is
frequently by means of suffering (from seperation) or
The very existence of the outward manifestation
however points to the existence of a  hidden reality,
just as the waves of the ocean are a manifestations
of the ocean. In them the ocean takes specific
temporary forms before returning into itself. The
existence of the wave is an indicator of the hidden
reality of the ocean - a sign.  
Similarly the events and forms manifest in life are
indicators of the existence of an unseen Essence.