Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

Jamiluddin Morris Zahuri

With Thy Love

By Thy signs inform me,
With Thy arms enfold me,
To Thy breast hold me,
With Thy love destroy me.

By Thy hand take me,
With Thy fragrance drown me,
By Thy look absorb me,
With Thy love destroy me.

By Thy Grace enchant me,
With Thy thought control me,
By Thy lip imbibe me,
With Thy love destroy me.

By Thy beauty excite me,
With Thy presence pervade me,
By Thy union calm me,
With Thy love destroy me.
I am Drunk Again
I was drunk for so many days - I just couldn't help loving,
I prayed and You made me sober again
Today a book of the verses of Your poet reached me -

I am drunk again - drunk again - drunk again!

JMZ Jan 12

God Made me a Cup of Tea Today

God made me a cup of tea today - and drank it!

I said 'O Lord' - He said - if you call me Lord then you are my servant.
If you call me Friend then you are my friend,
If you call me Beloved then you are my lover.
And if you call me lover then you are my beloved,

I asked if He was not transcendent, far above me,
He said - do you want to put a distance between us?
I am that distance and this closeness,
If you call me 'I' then guess who I am

He gave me a cigarette - and then He smoked it.

He wrote this poem and I asked if it shouldn't have rhymes,
He said - call it blank verse - and smiled inside.
I said I wanted to include the word Love in the poem,
He said - I have already put it in.

He put the poem on the website and He is reading it now with a smile.

JMZ Jan/Feb 12
I Read Something in the Holy Book

I read something in the Holy Book
And it made me take a second look

The Sufis say the Day of Reckoning is 'Tomorrow'
Who am I to gainsay?
But I couldn't help wondering if 'Tomorrow'
Is not really - Today

JMZ Jan/Feb 12
What, How, and Why?
As to the What,

Many are the ways of Incomparable You!
Encompassing every kind of uniqueness,
Within Singularity which is what -  You do
- somehow.

As to the How,

When I gave up the madness
It started to make a different kind of sense
- somehow!

And as to the 'Why'.

Well Love, the self-evident,
Requires to make itself evident
So why would I ask 'why'

When I stopped asking questions of You
I found I knew the answers too,
- somehow!

JMZ Jan/Feb 12
The Religion of Man

Let Love expand within the heart,
Let the Spirit of Love unite, in the heart
The factions that would like to divide -
Until as one, its praises sound, deep inside.

Let heart, mind, and body fulfill their role,
And, integrating, make man, a whole.
This is the true religion of man
To conform to the Divine Plan

To make the soul worthy to worship,
The One, Who alone is Worthy of Worship,
To make the heart worthy to love
The One, Who alone is Worthy of Love.

This is the religion the Messengers told us about,
This is The Religion of Man without any doubt.

JMZ Jan/Feb 12
A Thought on Retirement

All that work turned out to be
A preparation for
this work, I see
That was the Wudhu*
This is the prayer, true.

*Wudhu is the ritual ablution before ritual prayers in Islam

Jamil Morris Zahuri - January 13th 2012
Whatever I do,
or see,
or know,
or imagine,
or hear,
or feel,
or think,
or touch,
or dream
or plan,
or wherever I turn,
Whatever I have been, or am now, or will become
It was, is now,  and will always be - Only You

I thought it was this or that, true,
But it was always and only You.
I thought it was him or her too,
But it was always and only You.

I thought it was something new,
But it was always and only You.
I thought it was something rare and true,
was - it was always and only You.

was this or that, its true
But it was always really You.
was him or her, too,
But it was always really You.

And in so many places
and in so many faces
I found so many traces
Of only You

I went to school, now I know - it was all really You
I went to college but I really learned about only You
I did so many different jobs - but always really for You
I fell in love so many times, but always really  with You

I have been sad but that sadness was You
I have been happy but that happiness was You
I have had my heart-broken - but always by You
I thought I learnt many things but they were all You

So many words of mine about You
Or are they, also, only Your words too?
Am I hiding behind them or are You?
Is there is only one, and there never was two?

The Beloved's Reply

The beginning of loving is becoming 'Me' in 'You'
To bring love into existence I became 'Me' and 'You'
Love separates and unites both 'You' and 'Me'
And between brings into being what needs be.

The Lover's Reply

You have broken my heart
And it really, really  did hurt


What an excellent start!
Remember Jacob and Joseph's Shirt!
Mevlana and Shems (I can't tell apart)?
Nizamuddin and Amir Khusro too?
And Majnun and Laila - Oh so true!


And what purpose can there be
In this game of You and me?


The purpose is to bring into being
The actual fact, yes the material thing.
That is the evidence of the true love
In man and woman and heaven above.


And this talk now of you and me?


Print out the poem - you will see.

JMZ Jan 25 2012
The Drunkard's Request

O keeper of the kegs, is there any more?
My beaker is half full
and half empty for sure,
Either pour again till it overflows, like before,
Or let me drain it to the dregs, then give one more.

The Landlord's Reply

Dear sir I see you have the time
To make all these verses rhyme,
so you must be fairly sober
otherwise you would
not know a rhyme
or how to
put words
in to a
line at

Drink your fill, as you will.
In Memory Of
O Abdul Wajid, your travelling is done!
Now rest in The Home from whence all come.
Here, of arguments there surely were some,
There, all the battles are already won.

JMZ Jan 12
Speak to Me

Speak to me dear and tell your real desire
Place in my hand the pearl, nor will I tire
Until into your being I have breathed
Love's  unique,  divine, undying  fire
And have, from ashes of grief, retrieved
That gem; and from doubt, you eternally relieved.

JMZ Feb 12
Under construction

A  Brief Story of Time.... Overcome

Would you like a glimpse beyond Time, with me,
Only a glimpse mind! More would be too much to see,
More cannot so easily be born,
It could leave a frail mind far too torn.

Step through this mirror then and look.
There, being written, is The Book.
See there is Adam being made,
And the angels complaining and afraid.

There see Shaitan objecting to prostrate,
And here Adam with Eve repenting too late.
Over there the Last Judgement is underway;
See great Muhammed, the beloved, learning to pray.

Over there Gabriel is giving life to Jesus, see!
There the universe is becoming what it will be,
To your left the Divine assembly sits in parliament,
Right the Abdal meet, summoned by Gabriel's intent.

See in that corner those palaces of light,
Real estate prices there are really a fright!
Out of this world, if you will forgive the joke!
The saints live there - the true inspired folk.

Over there is the Muslim Paradise pure,
And see yonder the hell fire for sure.
Way over there the Hindu heavens see,
And the Buddha's wheel and old Lao Tze.

Want a more local view? There
you are, being born,
There a child, there an adult, and here, see others mourn.
Don't look too close or you will be there now!
Don't ask - it just happens that way somehow.
That circle of souls are the Holy fold, you in their midst,
With a bag over your head, wondering what you missed.
There are the seven heavens, and above Hafiz smiles,
Mevlana meets Shems Tabrizi here, and
there he whirls.

And yonder see the august hall of fame
For those who in the world have made a name.
And behold there flows the 'super highway'
And before us appears the 'straight way'.

I could show you more, much more, but don't ask how,
Let the mirror cloud, and return to what you think is now.

JMZ Jan/Feb 12
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