An excerpt from 'The Secret of Secrets' by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Al Jillani can be
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Syed Mohiuddin, Sheikh Mohiuddin,
Sultan Mohiuddin, Qutub Mohiuddin,
Ghous Mohiuddin, Makhdoom Mohiuddin,
Khawaja Mohiuddin, Dervish Mohiuddin,
Gharib Mohiuddin, Wali Mohiuddin,
Miskeen Mohiuddin.
The Mosque of

Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jillani*

in Baghdad

*also known as Ghous Pak and Ghous - ul - Azam

There are eleven titles by which Hz. Abdul Qadir of Jilan
is invoked in times of difficulty.

In his book '
Ghous-Ul-Azam Piran-e-Pir'* Dr Zahurul Hasan Sharib explains that the reason
for the use of the name Mohiuddin was as follows.

One day he returned to Baghdad and met a sick man outside the city who was very lean and
thin. He offered salaams to Hazrat Abdul Qadir and asked to be helped up. Acknowledging
his salaams the saint helped the sick man to his feet. To his great surprise the sick man's
condition changed and he appeared fit and healthy.

The man asked the amazed Hazrat Abdul Qadir if he knew who he was and proceeded to
explain that he was the religion of Islam which was about to meet its death, but, he continued:
'God Almighty, has been pleased to bestow upon me life once again, for your sake.'
Leaving that place Hz. Abdul Qadir reached the central mosque. There he was met by a
certain man who addressed him as 'Syedi Mohiuddin!'

After the prayers were over people surrounded him and kissed his hand. He had not
previously been addressed by that name ever.

* Published by Asma Publications, Sharib House, Jhalra, Ajmer, India. We also acknowledge the unknown photographer who
provided the picture.